Jennifer Bear Medium


Hello I'm Bear

A world renowned and trusted psychic and Spiritual Medium I work as I connect between different dimension and worlds.

I am Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, however, my biggest connection I use to speak with the dead or recently passed spirits of our realm and others is Claircognizance being aware from childhood. 


I have worked with my guides and higher self since being a small child and learnt to harness, respect and use my awareness and understanding to grow and develop a strong beautiful reflecting skills as a teacher for myself and others. Including my private students.

My new book called The whispers inside my head is now available to purchase below, it talks about my psychic abilities growing up and how I developed into the world renowned medium I am today.

When I'm not working with the psychic and spiritual energy I am found in the kitchen as a qualified vegan chef and a writer and published Author for Amazon and Apple based on vegan recipe books.

I'm qualified in working with people with mental health, anxiety and depression, drug abuse, physical domestic and sexual violence aswell as a hypnotherapist, mindfulness therapist and self-healing, colour healing, sound healing, angel healing and past life regression as well as  energy training, astral projection, aura reading and a angel and tarot card reader for advice support and guidance and spiritual connection. I can read the time line of past present and possibly future energy of people and events.

One of the biggest things I have experienced on my journey is empathy making a me very strict in my life style and diet that employs me to have a very close disaplined structure to follow to keep my path clean and free of negative energy keeping my connection pure and harmonic with the spirit world in love light and directed from the heights spirit.